Mind Blown Monday

Mind Blown Monday

Hi all! I hope your Monday found you well and you are on to a great week! I thought it would be fun to start a little weekly blog on Fun Facts! Ive always enjoyed little fun facts so I thought it would be a fun way to start your week. 

Each Monday I will bring you 10 Fun Facts- they will be on lots of different topics, But, many of them will have todo with fashion and beauty! 

This weeks fun fact topic- Fashion

1. The little pocket on jeans were originally made to hold  a cowboys pocket watch in the 1800s. Levis was the first to introduce this pocket.

2.Mens shirts have buttons on the right and woman's shirts have buttons on the left.

3. Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy who used her ties to eliminate her Jewish competitors in the perfume business.

4. Jeans have tiny copper rivets on the pockets because California gold rush minors kept complaining about their denim ripping at the seams. A tailor from Reno patented the metal fasteners to hold them together. This design is still widely used today.

5. When flour mills in the 1930s realized women were using their used flour sacks to make their family clothing, the flour mills started using printed fabrics. 

6. The average women will use one year of their lifetime trying to figure out what to wear.

7.The shoulder buttons on jackets were originally used to hold your bag in place so it doesn't fall off your shoulder.

8. High heels were originally invented for me and were not made for walking. Persian warriors wore them to help stay in their stirrups.

9. Ralph Lauren's original name was actually Ralph Lifshitz. He changed his name because he said it had the word shit in it.. haha

10. It was Mark Twain who patented and invented the clasp on bras.

Cheers to your week ahead! 

xoxo Riley


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