Welcome to Boutique One Twenty One  -Contemporary Fashion

Hi Ladies, so happy that you found us!

Welcome to Boutique121. You must be a fashionista to have clicked on our page. Are you looking for contemporary western fashion? Then you’ve found it!

Im Riley Boschma, the owner and founder of Btq121. I am the farmers daughter who grew up on a dairy in Southern Ca, married my farmer husband, and have been blessed with 3 babies. I built a career in cosmetology in my early 20’s and dreamed of expanding into a clothing boutique. After having two of my three children, I decided it was time to make my dreams reality. Like every other country wife it was also time to have another baby, since my middle child, Jerrod, was a whopping 8 months old haha. Then along came Jake. Now a mom of three two and younger, the need to slow down at the salon was prevalent. So Boutique121 became my life. I dove in to bringing other contemporary western fashion lovers, like myself, a place to shop from the convenience of their leisure.

I have had a love for cows, kids, cosmetology, and my own style of fashion since I was a young girl. I love to mix my country and California roots when it comes to fashion pieces I would wear and buy.

My oldest child is my only daughter. I love to include Holly into my business and show her that a full time, wife and mom can also be a full time business owner. You can find Holly behind my cell phone snapping shots of our latest inventory, even at the ripe age of 4.  While Im busy growing my dreams and taking care of the Homefront, my husband Jimmy is selling hay, taking care of our small herd of Brangus cattle, and running our trucking company. They say it takes a village and I can attest to that.

I love that the western fashion industry is full of the three F’s. Faith, Family, and Fun! My soul is fired up with passion for this industry and the people that are apart of it. I love that western fashion is a mix of bohemian vibes and you can we this style while dressing up and down. Being raised in Southern California, my fashion choices play off of the bohemian and surfer influences while still being country chic.

You will be sure to find anything fromLacie bodysuits, tribal print designs, to bells and cutoff denim.

So who is a Boutique 121 girl?

She is that Americana women with California vibes and an edge of western flair, she exudes the essense of beauty and a spirit that is wild and romantic. A Boutique 121 girl is spunky yet gentle, she's trendy yet timeless, she has a casual feel yet she makes a statement. 

Enjoy a shopping experience that is easy and fun.